Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Updates and Photographer News

So I have been slightly MIA since I got back from Disney but that's because I have been so busy and have TONS to update everyone on.  I ordered our guest welcome bags, my "Will you be my bridesmaid gifts" and my actual gifts for them on the big day.  These will all be separate posts so stay tuned.

The big wedding update that I realized I neglected to share is that we hired our photographer!  And I could not be more excited!!!!

Her name is Krista Jones and she is from the Easton Shore of MD.  She and her husband actually live in the same place where we are getting married (easy peasy for her!).  First of all she is ridiculously talented.  Check out her website to sample her work:

Also, she is one of the editors and creators of Bayside Bride, which is essential to and most likely on the daily blog reading list of any Maryland bride.  You can check that out at  I seriously read it every day.

And for bonus points (not that she needed any because I am clearly a bit obsessed), she sent me a present when I signed the contract: one of those hangers with my new last name twisted into it.  Too cute!!!

We scheduled our engagement pictures for June 2nd so stay tuned for those...I know they are going to turn out fabulous!

 Here are some swoon worthy favorites:
Photo by Krista Jones

Photo by Krista Jones

Photo by Krista Jones

Photo by Krista Jones

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