Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Disney Princess Half Marathon - Part 2

So I left off my last post when I was just about the half-way point in the race.  The sun was coming up and I was maintaining a steady 10 min/mile pace.  All of sudden my stomach started doing flips.  I had to stop and walk because I felt so awful.  Unfortunately this feeling NEVER went away and only go worse as the miles wore on.  I alternated between walking and running but my "running" didn't last more than a quarter mile at a time.  My stomach felt so queasy, running was just asking for trouble.  I thought about stopping at the port-a-potty but hate using those (I mean...who doesn't?). 

I literally stopped at every water stop and made sure I drank both water and Powerade.  So I really don't think I was dehydrated.  My theory is I must have picked up a bug.  Needless to say, I did my best to push through the race.  Just when I thought I couldn't take much more, yet another issue came up at Mile 10/11.  I knew just by how my foot felt, I was bleeding badly from blisters.  My feet are VERY sensitive to new shoes (and even ones I wear a lot like my running sneakers) and I am highly susceptible to blisters.  Four days later, my foot still looks awful so I have been trying to take it easy and have yet to run since the race. 

Finally, I crossed the 13 mile marker and with every ounce of stregth I had left, I pushed my self to a sprint and crossed the finish line, with tears streaming down my face.  I had done it.  I was officially a half marathoner.  My time was 2:26:40.  Certainly not the time I was hoping for but with the humidity, not feeling well and having no skin left on my heel, I would take it.  Generally I am one of those people who does not make excuses and always pushes through something and this was no exception.  Getting that medal put around my neck was such a sweet, incredible victory.

Sadly, my stomach was so upset and angry, once I got back to the hotel, I never left.  We ended up missing our last dinner reservation and never made it to the Magic Kingdom for more rides (so you KNOW I was ill).  Even today, it's not feeling all that great.  Fortunately Michael took wonderful care of me and he reminded me of how awesome what I just did was.  My next race is only a few weeks away (March 16th) and I am hoping to blow this time out of the water.  Fingers crossed...and stay tuned...

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