Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Disney Princess Half Marathon - Part 1

So I have been a bit MIA but I have so many things to update everyone on!!  We just got back yesterday from our trip to the most magical place on earth...Disney World!!  More on the trip itself later.

For now, the most important thing to update everyone on is that I am officially a half marathoner!  That's right...I finished the race Sunday morning around 8AM.  My photos from the race are not up yet but I will be sure to share those as soon as they are.  But here is a picture of my snazzy medal:

Photo: Picture of my bling
Soooo pretty!!

My alarm went off at 3:30AM.  That's right...that's still night time.  I was trying to be as quiet as possible, but Michael sat up and asked if I was ready to win (in a far too excited voice for the middle of the night).  I quickly got dressed in my capris, tank, tutu and shoes.  My stomach was not feeling so great but I figured that was probably because it was so early and my dinner was still digesting.  Unfortunately this was a warning of what was to come.

I made my way to the closest bus stop and found a HUGE line with fellow runners waiting for the bus.  It took about 15 minutes but I finally made it on to one and I was on my way.  Traffic was a nightmare and it took us about 25 minutes to get there, plus the long walk from where the bus drops you off, meant I had no time to enjoy the race retreat I paid extra for.  O well...

I decided it would be for the best to go ahead and made the very long walk to the starting corrals.  I was placed in A, and got to the corral with about 10 minutes to spare before we started.  At 5:35AM the fairy godmother did her bibbidy bobbity boop to fireworks and off we went.  It was very dark and fairly congested but by the time we reached the Magic Kingdom, the crowd started to thin out.  This was lucky because those in later corrals were slowed to a crawl in this area because the course becomes so narrow.  I made a pitstop at the bathroom in Frontierland and went on my way.  Sadly I missed the fairy godmother sprinkling pixie dust on the runners :(

I made it to the 10K check point feeling good and was making good time with a 10/mile pace.  As I hit the half way point and the sun was starting to come up, something happened.  Something that would destroy any hope for meeting my goal of 2:15...

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