Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Blog Post!

Ever since I was four or five years old, I have been dreaming of the day when I would walk down the aisle.  Whether it was turning old sheets in to fabulous gowns or staging elaborate nuptials for Barbie and Ken, weddings have been on mind from an early age.  Fast forward to July 2008, when I had moved downtown (and out on my own!) just a few months prior.  A friend invited me to her co-worker’s house warming party and I willing went, blissfully unaware that my future husband, Michael, was the host.  He was a year older but we had some spooky connections: his 10th grade English teach was my uncle and he went to college with my cousin.  As is typical, he sent me a Facebook friend request that next day but I thought that was probably all that would happen.  However fate had a different plan.  About 2 weeks later we ran in to each outside of a bar in Federal Hill and have never been a part since!


In the nearly four and a half years we have been dating, we have learned so much about each other and ourselves.  To those on the outside we seem like total opposites, but hey, opposites attract right?!  And over time have learned to love our differences.  Michael is a huge Maryland Terps basketball fan and is slowly converting me (who doesn’t love to tailgate?).  I love journeying to exotic places and travel often for my work at an international non-profit.  While I have accepted that Michael isn’t going to go backpacking through the jungle with me, he is always open for adventure.  We love each other for who we are, even if Michael thinks I have WAY too many clothes.
Something that Michael and I do have in common is our inability to keep secrets, especially presents from one another.  Generally by the time a birthday rolls around, the other one already knows what they are getting.  We rather share the excitement as soon as possible.  Since about June of 2012, Michael had told me he was going to propose by the end of the year, and I had a suspicion he was going to do it around my birthday or Christmas.  Being the opinionate girl that I am, I left multiple hints for my dream ring around the house.  On December 4th, my actual birthday, he called me and told me he found the ring of our dreams but it wasn’t going to be ready for another week.  Since we had waited over four years, what was another week?  So we went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents.  Thinking back on it now, he was acting a bit strange and was in a really great mood, despite having a stressful work day.  After my family left, he called me upstairs and asked if I wanted to open my card.  As I went in to our room and he turned to face me, I saw what he was holding in his hand: the most beautiful ring, even better than I could have dreamed!  Honestly I don’t remember much of what he said when he was down on one knee but I am sure it was sweet and perfect.

 Photo: Finally posting a pic of the ring for all to enjoy :)

Now that the high of our engagement, the holidays and celebrating with all our friends and family is beginning to wear off, I am slowly realizing that even though I thought I had my wedding planned, there is SO MUCH to think about and organize.  It’s a bit overwhelming but also so incredibly exciting.  Thankfully my fiancĂ© knows and accepts that I have a dream vision for our wedding and doesn’t want to be too involved in the small details.  Not too many guys are passionate about linens and centerpieces after all.  His three requirements are (1) open bar, (2) the Electric Side and (3) selecting the rest of the music.  Other than that he says he trusts my judgment and knows I am plan something meaningful and special to us.  I am so excited to share my journey here on my blog, as well as my other passions like running, cooking, all things Lilly Pulitzer, the beach, life below the Mason-Dixon line, and of course Disney.   And while it maybe not be a fairytale all the time, I know it’s going to have a happy ending.

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