Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quick Updates

I apologize for the lack of a post on Monday but I ended up coming down with a bad sinus infection that took me out for the past two days.  I also anticipate on writing a much longer post on the venue we selected but wanted to be sure we actually sign the contract first :)

A few highlights from my illness filled weekend:

1.  I signed up for two more half marathons!  Yes - I have yet to complete my first.  BUT I have really enjoyed running and love having some new goals.  The second one of the year is the Rock n' Roll DC half and is only 3 weeks after my first one.  The next one is not until November 9th in Savannah, Georgia!  I have always wanted to go there so it's a bonus trip :)

2.  Depending on your view of my fair city of Baltimore, you at least know one thing: we LOVE our sports teams.  After the games against Denver and the Sunday game against New England, the whole city erupted in fireworks, car horns and general celebration.  People flooded the streets.  People hugged and high-fived strangers.  It was incredible.  Unless you are from Baltimore or Maryland in general, you don't get the natives' obsession with it.  I love this city and cannot wait for our time to shine on the big stage in the Super Bowl.

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