Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Given my passion for running and fitness, I bring you my new Wednesday special...Workout Wednesday.

So in the running community, many people ran yesterday in support of the terrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I actually knew someone who was racing and her husband was there cheering her on.  I am happy to report that she had finished well before the blasts occurred but they are still shaken up.  I wore my Disney Princess Half race shirt yesterday to show my solidarity but chose to save my run for today.

So today's workout suggestion is a simple one.  Go out and run.  I will personally be running 4.09 today, the time on the race clock during the first bomb.  Another challenge I have seen is running 2.62, as well as running 26.2 miles over the next 2 weeks.You don't have to run far or fast, but just show the sick person/people that did this that they cannot take our spirit and passion away. 

United We Run.

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