Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Today's Workout Wednesday is a fun one.  You might have heard of it before or seen it on Facebook but it's easy I promise, so why not give it a try.  Here it is:

The 30 Day Squat Challenge!!
I myself have decided to participate (I shouldn't tell you to do something that I haven't done right?!).  I am currently on Day 6 and so far so good.  My personal trainer puts a lot of emphasis on squats so I might be at a significant advantage.  Here it is in depth:
It's pretty simple.  And you are supposed to do these all in one workout...don't split them up over the day unless you absolutely have to.  Also - adjust the reps back if you are just starting out and make sure you keep your form in mind.  No injuries!!  I do mine next to my couch so I can squat as low as possible without actually sitting down.
Has anyone else tried this?  What were your results? 

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